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Update on the refurb of the Mageta Island Health Centre

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Mageta Health Centre with people in front

Thanks to our supporters' generous donations the refurbishment of the health centre is progressing well, with the general repair and refresh of the building nearing completion. The roof has been repaired and new ceilings (where before there were none) have been installed throughout.

We still need to raise funds to purchase some basic necessities (like curtains) plus quite a bit of essential clinical equipment that would help transform the quality of services that the County Health Workers and our volunteers are struggling to provide, particularly in terms of maternity care.

Despite the restrictions of the Pandemic, and the inaccessibility of the Island, work is progressing and we look forward to reporting on the completion of the works later this year. Getting all the building materials and equipment to the island is still enormously difficult because, since the local ferry sank, the only way to access the island is by small boat.