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Our International Work

Mildmay is a charity that also works overseas. Every year, we reach over 100,000 of the most vulnerable people living with and affected by HIV and related health issues in Kenya and Uganda.

Since the 1990s, we've played a vital role, with numerous HIV and healthcare-related projects, across Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and Eastern Europe. These initiatives have successfully transitioned to local leadership by strong NGOs (non-governmental organisations).

Today, our focus is on optimising Mildmay's services to best serve our supporters here in the UK and be able to continue sharing our expertise internationally.


This means streamlining our operations. As a result, Mildmay International will gradually wind down this year, and Mildmay Kenya will become fully independent under the capable leadership of its Board of Trustees.

This transition signifies Mildmay's lasting impact. We're proud of Mildmay Kenya's success in securing independent funding and building a network of dedicated volunteers who provide essential healthcare services and empower young people.

Our commitment to making a global difference remains strong. Initiatives like our Education Exchange Programme, sending UK clinicians to Uganda, foster collaboration and strengthen healthcare systems worldwide.


We're constantly seeking new ways to extend our reach and make a positive impact wherever it's needed.

Doctors Helena Rochford and Amy Cleese at Kumi Hospital
We have partnered with Kumi Hospital in Uganda to facilitate 14-day placements for trainee GPs during their electives at Mildmay.

The Education Exchange (EdEx) Programme gives our doctors experience of providing healthcare in a resource-limited setting and helps them to develop a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities of healthcare in low and middle-income countries, increasing their skills and knowledge to enhance their GP practice.

In return, they help to improve access for patients who might not otherwise be able benefit from high-quality, up-to-date knowledge and care. The trainee GPs help to improve the quality of care over the longer term by transferring skills and knowledge to aid capacity building and strengthening of health systems in Uganda.


Mildmay Kenya works to empower communities to deliver HIV health care services through support, education and training.

We work to reach key affected and at-risk groups including young women, children, adolescents, MSM, and sex workers.

Sign saying 'Welcome to Mildmay Uganda Hospital'

Mildmay Uganda was Mildmay’s first international programme, opening in Kampala in 1998 to provide comprehensive HIV care to the public, with over 3,000 children waiting for life-saving drugs through the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

Today, Mildmay Uganda supports over 100,000 clients (13% of all people on antiretroviral therapy – ART – in Uganda. 8,000 of whom are children).

A training session in Kharkov, Ukraine

In the 1990s, Mildmay was called to extend its expertise to some of the areas where HIV and AIDS were hitting hardest.

Past work

*Mildmay in the UK supports our 'daughter' NGOs

Mildmay KENYA and Mildmay UGANDA both operate independently - being locally registered with their own Trustee Boards and constitutions.

Although they undertake fundraising and partnership work locally, given the numerous challenges faced by countries in the Global South*, they also rely on Mildmay's supporters in the UK to help fund their work.
Mildmay needs to raise funds for these and other projects.