Mildmay Uganda

Mildmay Uganda was Mildmay’s first international programme, opening in Kampala in 1998 as a Centre of Excellence for the provision of comprehensive HIV & AIDS prevention, care, treatment and training services


Mildmay Uganda is now an independent hospital and healthcare nonprofit NGO with its own Trustee Board and has grown to be an organisation with a reach of nearly six and a half million people. It has three core functions: the provision of HIV care and treatment services at the hospital, HIV-focused training and education and the provision of technical assistance to 16 districts in central Uganda to strengthen local health systems.

Care and treatment are provided predominantly on an outpatient basis for most clients. In addition to this, Elizabeth Ward, the 33-bed capacity children's ward, provides care for critically and terminally ill children aged 0-18 years.

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Elizabeth Ward

Mildmay UK provides annual funding for Elizabeth Ward in the paediatric care centre of Mildmay Hospital, Kampala. This is the only facility in the region providing high-quality care to children with the most complex cases of HIV-associated health conditions.

Elizabeth Ward treats over 500 children a year from underprivileged families who require specialist care. Children are admitted to Elizabeth Ward with conditions such as HIV, tuberculosis, meningitis and malaria. Care for each child is highly personalised to meet their particular needs, and support is also provided for their families.

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Universal Child Sponsorship Fund

Since its introduction in 2002, the Fund has supported 1,827 children and adolescents (833 boys and 994 girls) with psychosocial support services including economic empowerment of vulnerable households.

In 2017, Mildmay Uganda replaced individually-allocated support for children with the Universal Fund to bring the same healthcare, education and food security benefits more equitably to more children and young people.


A COVID story from Mildmay Uganda

At the beginning of September 2021, we told you about the Reverend Canon John Stanley, who was 90 on 20 May 2021, and challenged himself to walk the City Walls of Chester 90 times by the date of his birthday.

John succeeded in this challenge, and raised over £2,900 for Mildmay Hospital in Uganda, to support its vital Covid vaccination initiatives.


Just one month later, we received an update from our colleagues in Mildmay Hospital in Uganda on the progress of their COVID-19 vaccination programme.

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30-Year Master Plan

In 2017 Mildmay Uganda launched a 30-year Master Plan that will see their health centre evolve into a fully-fledged modern not-for-profit teaching hospital offering quality health care and training as part of her contribution to the national goal of universal access to health care.

The Plan will strategically position Mildmay Uganda to contribute towards ending the HIV epidemic through the presidential fast-track initiative on HIV and AIDs in Uganda.

Background: His Excellency the Hon. Edward Sekandi gave his speech during the 30-Year Mildmay Uganda Master Plan Launch.

Dr. Barbara Mukasa, Executive Director of Mildmay Uganda, delivers her speech during the 30-Year Mildmay Uganda Master-Plan Launch.


The history of Mildmay Uganda

Mildmay’s work in Uganda started in 1993 following an invitation from the Government of Uganda.

Dr Veronica Moss (then the Medical Director of Mildmay) said: “I was attending a conference on paediatric AIDS in Edinburgh, Scotland, in September 1993 when I met Hon Manuel Pinto, MP for Rakai District, Uganda, and he said to me, "We must talk – I want Mildmay to come to Uganda.”


Mildmay Uganda's hospital was officially opened in September 1998 by Anne, The Princess Royal, and started receiving patients in October of the same year.


In 2007, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited Mildmay Uganda and its paediatric care centre. This was indicative of how significant the work done by Mildmay in Uganda had become. During her visit, Her majesty said: “Thank you Mildmay Uganda for the work and the remarkable example set in the provision of care and education for people living with HIV”

The President of Uganda, His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni, marked the 10th Anniversary of Mildmay Uganda with a special visit in October 2008, during which he unveiled the foundation stone of the centre’s new laboratory.

Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams visited Mildmay Uganda in 2010 to lend his support to the then-threatened paediatric inpatient unit.

Mildmay Uganda was registered as a local NGO in Uganda in September 2011 and is managed by a local Board of Trustees.


In 2007, the Queen visited Mildmay Uganda

In 2007, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited the Mildmay Centre - opened by the Princess Royal in 1998.

At the Mildmay Paediatric Care Centre, The Queen unveiled a plaque for the hospital's new Elizabeth Ward, named in her honour.

Her Majesty later praised Mildmay's work in an address to the Ugandan Parliament, in which she declared:

"It is difficult sometimes, when the sorrow associated with this disease is so profound, to avoid a sense of despair. And yet there are growing numbers of people and organisations whose work gives cause for real hope.

Today I visited The Mildmay Centre, which sets a remarkable example in the provision of care and relief for those who are ill as well as in educating people about how to protect themselves and their families.

The role of centres such as this, which the Government of Uganda has done so much to encourage, will be central to achieving our common aim of controlling this cruel disease."

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