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Repair and refurbishment of the Health Centre on Mageta Island in Lake Victoria

To improve healthcare standards and encourage wider use of the clinic, we are repairing and refurbishing the health centre on Mageta Island,

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Mageta Island has the some of the highest HIV and AIDS prevalence and child mortality rates in Kenya. Mildmay has been working with communities to deliver HIV-healthcare through support, education and training in remote, impoverished rural areas like Mageta in Western Kenya for over 15 years.

What we are doing

We are repairing and refurbishing the health clinic on Mageta Island to increase its use by the Island's inhabitants, leading to improved health of the population.

  • A facelift of the facility, including repainting, minor renovations like tiling of the maternity unit and the wards to improve on infection control

  • Minor renovations to partition the rooms for privacy since there is only one general ward that houses everyone that is admitted

  • Make the mother and child clinic baby-friendly with brighter colours and some murals, which would improve the overall service delivery

  • Improved support supervision

  • Regular Continuous Medical Education

  • Staff accommodation within the facility

  • Support for more health outreach activity

  • Mobilisation and sensitisation of the population to improve health-seeking behaviour


Why we need to do it

The health centre is poorly equipped, with even essential but basic medical equipment in short supply. The building itself is not in good condition, and isn't a welcoming place.


A large proportion of the island’s population avoids using it - except for the poorest residents, who don't have any choice.

Services board outside the centre

The poor condition of the health centre

Despite the best efforts of the staff and volunteers who operate the health centre, it is in poor condition, both in its fabric and its facilities and equipment. The building is over 60 years old and has suffered from a long-term lack of investment by County Health Services, who have simply not had the funds available to invest in it. Accessing the facility for regular supervision and support remains a challenge for the County and Sub-County Health Management Teams, due to difficulty in travelling to the island.

The facility faces several and unique challenges unlike other rural facilities due to its geographical location (on a remote island) and the population targeted. The poor condition of the facility is discouraging to the island’s residents, and those that have the resources to do so will take the ferry to the mainland to seek treatment, which in turn, means less incentive to invest in the clinic, exacerbating its decline.

The poorest and most impoverished residents have no choice but to use the health centre, despite its condition and lack of modern and hygienic facilities.

There is currently only one medical ward that doubles up as the maternity unit. Women are not guaranteed privacy if there are other patients admitted. The current toilet in maternity doesn’t have a working flush, the toilet bowl is stained and the floor is not tiled.


The facility is proposing to utilise an, until now, unused room as the general ward and refurbish the current ward to be used as the maternity and children’s ward. 

The delivery room has two delivery beds and is in disarray. We need to fit lockable cabinets to protect essential items as well as curtains and solar lamps for conducting delivery at night. The solar system available has been there for a long time and is no longer giving out enough light.

Poor condition

The challenge: