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Where your money goes

The money you so generously donate is used to deliver quality care and treatment, prevention work, rehabilitation, training, education and health strengthening in the UK and East Africa.

At a glance

Incoming resources

Donations, gifts and legacies


NHS contract income


International contract income


Investment income


Other income


Total incoming resources


Income chart year ending April 2023

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Resources expended

Fundraising, publicity and support costs


Residential Healthcare (UK)


International Alliance Support


Mildmay Uganda


Kenya: Training and consultancy


Total resources expended


Expenditure to year ending April 2023

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Cover image of Trustees Report and Financial Statements to 31.03.2023
For more detail, view/download our latest published Accounts and Trustees' Annual Report, ending March 2023.
We strive to make your donations cost-effective. Last year, 100% of your donations to Mildmay went directly to supporting our services.

Fully funds Elizabeth Ward in the paediatric care centre of Mildmay Hospital, Kampala. This is the only facility in the region providing high-quality care to children with the most complex cases of HIV-associated health conditions.


Elizabeth Ward treats over 500 children a year from underprivileged families who need specialist care. 

Mildmay Uganda nurse holding a baby and smiling to the camera

We are deeply grateful for the compassion of our donors

It is only with your kind and generous support that we can continue to provide essential services and facilities for the vulnerable people entrusted to our care. Your contribution makes a real difference in their lives.