Where your money goes

The money you so generously donate is used to deliver quality care and treatment, prevention work, rehabilitation training, education and health strengthening in the UK and East Africa

Where your money goes

We strive to make your donations cost-effective. Last year, 100% of of your donations to Mildmay went directly on the services we provide in the UK and East Africa.
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Mildmay Mission Hospital is the only UK hospital that provides specialist care for people suffering from HIV-related illnesses and we maintain a pool of expertise and knowledge that is unsurpassed in Europe.

It costs, on average, about £3.5 million to keep Mildmay open (depending on our mix of patients). We need to raise upwards of 20% of that amount from charitable donations every year to support our services and facilities. We are a charity providing specialist services to the NHS, not an NHS or private hospital, so we don't make a profit and ALL of your donations are invested in our services and facilities.

Mildmay Mission Hospital restores independence to the majority of our patients, thanks to our unique rehabilitation programmes

Mildmay aims to improve healthcare services in partnership with governments, hospitals, clinics and projects.

The support given to communities has a profound impact on wellbeing and is particularly important for those in remote, hard to reach areas. This work includes support with antenatal care, cervical screening, HIV education and prevention, with additional support for children, orphans or vulnerable and high-risk groups.