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Mildmay Kenya

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The Mildmay Kenya Team with the charity's CEO Geoff Coleman

Mildmay Kenya works to empower communities to deliver HIV health care services through support, education and training. We work to reach key affected and at-risk groups including young women, children, adolescents, MSM*, and sex workers

HIV in Kenya

  • There are 1.5 million adults and children living with HIV in Kenya

  • 4.5% adult HIV prevalence (ages 15-49)

  • 42,000 new HIV infections

  • 21,000 AIDS-related deaths

  • 75% of adults on antiretroviral treatment**

  • 63% of children on antiretroviral treatment**

**All adults/children living with HIV
Source: UNAIDS Data 2020

*Men who have sex with men