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In Loving Memory

Remembering and celebrating the lives of precious loved ones

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Adam Rhodes

In memory of Adam Rhodes, who passed in 2023.

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Alastair Chorlton

In memory of my beloved husband Alastair who brought infinite joy and love into my life.

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Audrey Roberts

In loving memory, from her daughter, Catherine

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Barry Rowan

In memory of Barry Rowan who was a trustee and volunteer for Mildmay Hospital and whom we knew for many years through his membership of Longlife Housing Co-operative.

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Chris Silk

In memory of Chris Silk, who died in 1990

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Dr Tim Nicholson

Dr Tim Nicholson passed away at the Mildmay Hospice, where amazing care was given in his last days. Gone but never forgotten.

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Jason Godfrey

In memory of Jason Godfrey, who was at Mildmay from February 2017.

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Judith Ivy Day

Always with me, especially today, April 1st, your birthday. Love you Mum.

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Kathleen Florence Read

In memory of Kathleen Read

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Margaret 'Peggy' Ranford

In memory of Margaret Ranford, née Bradshaw.

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Mike Shiels

In memory of a dear friend, Mike Shiels, who died at Mildmay in the mid-1980s.

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Roy and Arlene Hodgkinson

In memory of my late parents, Roy and Arlene Hodgkinson, who were long term supporters of Mildmay Mission Hospital.

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Donate in memory

Giving to Mildmay Hospital in memory of a loved one is a meaningful way to create a legacy for them and helps to create a brighter future for the people we serve and care for. 

How to commemorate your loved one on this page

Make a donation in memory of your loved one on this special donation form. When you give, you can tell us if you want to leave a dedication on this page, and we will create it for you.

You can upload photographs to include with your dedication when you make a donation to the Bereavement  Fund. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at info@mildmay.org

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