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What does Mildmay's logo represent?

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

A red-headed female character pondering the Mildmay logo

The symbol featured in the Mildmay logo was designed in 1992, the centenary year of the opening of our first, dedicated hospital building in East London.

A firm of design consultants kindly donated the new symbol to the charity for use in the Centenary Appeal. We have been using it ever since, and it remains, alongside the Mildmay name, a strong and recognisable brand of quality care in the countries in which we work and beyond. But what does the symbol actually represent?

The designers who created the symbol, and those who worked at Mildmay in 1992 and who helped develop it, saw it as a depiction of several different but complementary concepts. So to different eyes, in different settings and depending on an individual’s personal experience of Mildmay, it can mean and be interpreted as many things, including:

  • one person caring for another

  • two people in harmony

  • a mother and child

  • old and young

  • the contours are the flames of fire or the Holy Spirit rising out of Mildmay

  • a sense of wellbeing

  • an image of hope and strength

  • signalling acceptance.

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