The Mzungu Blog: Day 9

A group photograph of the Mildmay Kenya team
Geoff, Norma and a large part of the Mildmay Kenya team

Our last day in the field before I and Naggib return to the UK and Switzerland respectively. So a relaxed start with the noise of the farmyard animals and baboons not waking me until after six, which I can cope with.

Gates to Joy Hospice, Mbale, Uganda
Joy Hospice, Mbale, Uganda

We left at 0900 for the J.O.Y. Hospice in Mbale where we met the Clinical Team including Dr Jan White and spent the morning discussing issues and challenges that they face.

We then travelled with Dr White to Buwasunguyi Clinic in a remote area. This clinic, without mains power, is on the front line of services proving everything from vaccinations to the delivery of children and minor surgery. The challenges here were of a more basic nature but nonetheless important.

Whether Mildmay can or should help these facilities is a question that we will be exploring with our Board of Trustees over the coming weeks.

We finished off the day by sharing a meal with Jan, taking the time to go over the challenges, some of which are quite large and for the team here, seemingly too big to solve without some kind of help.

Geoff Coleman

CEO of Mildmay


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