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The Mzungu Blog: Day 6

Mildmay strategy planning meeting

Day 6 was an opportunity for almost the entire Mildmay Kenya Team to come together with me, Norma (Finance Manage for Mildmay UK) and six Trustees, four from Kenya and two from the UK (Andrew and Naggib). The purpose of the day was to thrash out the beginnings of a plan that we see us through the next three to five years.

The perspective brought to the day by the whole team, both young and old and new members of the team alongside some who had been around for fifteen plus years was incredibly valuable.

By the end of the day, everyone was exhausted but we had achieved so much, working together. We had some great ideas and some totally wacky ones that just might be worth a shot. The next step will be for the Board to decide which ideas to take forward.

The evening was spent relaxing with the team from UK and Kenya over a meal. Tomorrow the UK team would split with Andrew and Norma returning to the UK and myself and Naggib going on to Uganda. It had been an exhausting week but a good one and this was one of those bittersweet moments. Time to sleep.

Geoff Coleman

CEO of Mildmay

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