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Shoreditch Tab: Overcoming Time and Challenges

Shoreditch Tab viewed from Hackney Road

Congratulations to our neighbour, Shoreditch Tabernacle Baptist Church, better known as Shoreditch Tab, on their official commissioning/opening this week.

The Shoreditch Tab Church and Community Centre was formally commissioned this week, marking the end of a journey troubled with challenges and delays. The restoration of the original church hall, a listed building, began in 2005, and the redevelopment of the extended site was initially scheduled for completion in 2015. However, unforeseen complications extended the timeline by almost five years. Just when the end seemed in sight, the unforeseen disruption of COVID-19 added another layer of complication and delay.

Original 1879 church hall before redevelopment began in 2005. Photo: Stuart LEadley
The 1879 church hall before redevelopment in 2005. Photo: Stuart Leadley

The resilient Tab Team has persisted in the face of adversity, overcoming both construction hurdles and the global pandemic. Although Shoreditch Tab has actually been in operation for some time, the formal opening of the Shoreditch Tab Church marks a triumph over time. It is a celebration of perseverance and a testament to the strength of community bonds. The challenges faced over the years made this event all the more meaningful.


We will hold our annual Christmas Carol Service at the Tab on December 19th. If you would like to come along, please get in touch.

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