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Safe Motherhood Project

Your donations funded the purchase of an emergency ambulance to support the 12,000 inhabitants of Mageta Island, but we now need to buy a second ambulance for the island

Healthcare for pregnant women on Mageta Island was basic and struggled to cope with emergency complications. The result of this was an unnecessary loss of life to both newborn babies and mothers.

For pregnant women on Mageta, healthcare was very difficult to access, as there are no hard roads or cars on the island, and the health centre is away from where most people live.

We appealed to our supporters for help to purchase a Tuk-Tuk ambulance to provide emergency obstetric and maternity support to for the Island.

Satellite image of Mageta Island.jpg

Before the arrival of the emergency ambulance:

  • There is evidence that for every kilometre further away that the health centre is from a person’s home, there is a 7% decrease in the likelihood of her using that facility.
  • The difficult terrain of Mageta Island meant that two-thirds of HIV-positive women on the island were unlikely to access vital pre-and postnatal care.
  • Pregnant women had to walk for several miles to the island’s health facility because there is little access to motorised transportation and the only emergency vehicle was a motorbike, which could not meet the need effectively or safely.

(Satellite view of Mageta Island, courtesy of Apple Maps)