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Fran Brough


"I worked there on Coventry Ward with the children who were severely disabled. I was lucky enough to have been working on the ward in the long hot summer of 1976, when we had a large paddling pool on the roof and I was in the pool and the nurses were bringing the children out one at a time for me to exercise them. A few of us took some of the children on holiday to some caravans for a beach holiday. 

I wasn't a nurse but a nursery nurse and loved every moment. I left when a few of the children were dying. It made my job a little sad, so I had to move on. 

But I have always been interested in the story of the Mildmay and was very pleased when it came back as the AIDS hospice, and then moved on to a treatment centre, which I visited a couple of years ago. I hope the work can continue."

June 2020