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Mildmay’s Art Therapy classes supported by Mary Kinross Charitable Trust enhances patient rehabilita

Mildmay are deeply grateful to the Mary Kinross Charitable Trust for supporting our in-house art therapy classes for the next three years. Our Art Therapy enhances our work rehabilitating patients back to independent living. Without the wonderful support of the Mary Kinross Charitable Trust, we would not have been able to deliver such a comprehensive art therapy programme which reaches patients on our ward as well as those attending our Day Care Services.

The benefits of Art Therapy are enormous. It helps patients address issues that may otherwise be difficult to talk about, giving them to opportunity express their feelings and thoughts. Through Art Therapy we have found that patients are able to connect with their feelings in a new way, respond to their diagnosis and cope with feelings of isolation and depression. Creative sessions aid rehabilitation by simply empowering patients to connect with themselves, which can have profound and far reaching results.

Our art therapist describes one patient who on first entering the