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The Reverend Canon John Stanley OBE




23 November 2021 at 09:48:06

20 February 2024 at 16:24:57

"You may be interested that when I was a student “a couple of years ago!!” we used to do ward services in a hospital in Bristol.  I think it was called Stapleton Road Hospital.

After the ward service, there was tea and cakes with one of the very senior nurses, I think it may have been the matron. She used to regale us with stories about Mildmay. She did her training as a nurse at Mildmay. They were good stories and clearly impressed us with the work you were doing. 

This, of course, was 70 years ago. I am not sure of the name of the nurse, I think it was Weeks.

It is a small world and I thought you might be interested.

John Stanley"

April 2021

We want to express our sincere gratitude to John Stanley, who was 90 on 20 May 2021 and challenged himself to walk the City Walls of Chester 90 times by the date of his birthday.

John succeeded in this challenge, and raised £2,900 for Mildmay Hospital in Uganda, to support its vital Covid vaccination initiatives. Further proceeds went towards the Faith Building Project at St. Mark’s church, Lache-cum-Saltney, where he and his wife worship and to Chester Cathedral where his son-in-law is Dean.

Canon John Stanley was ordained priest in 1956 in Chester Cathedral and has since held many different roles within the Church of England during his 64 years of ordained ministry. These included chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen and Prolocutor for York for ten years. He recently retired to Chester in 2018, having spent the past 44 years as priest in the Parish church of Huyton in Liverpool Diocese.

Thank you, John, for your recollection and your kind donation. What an achievement!

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