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Mary Richards




3 December 2021 at 15:21:39

20 February 2024 at 16:26:03

Mary Richards entered training at the Mildmay Mission Hospital in April 1931 and left after completing her training and receiving her certificate in May 1934.

Mary was from Brixworth, Northants and aged 22 years when she started her training; she had previously learned dressmaking, housewifery, and cookery, all skills previously required by women who became Mildmay Deaconesses prior to Nurse training becoming an option.

Mary had worked in a girls village home for nearly two years, and her religious faith was described as C of E. Many applicants to train as nurses at Mildmay were also Church Missionary Society candidates. Her report describes her as 'A kind, reliable capable nurse.'

Mary returned in 1938-9 working for six months as a Nursing Sister, for the last eight days she was in charge of the male ward, Mathieson.

Image: Mildmay Mission Hospital nursing badge awarded to Mary Richards

With thanks to Sarah Rogers for this information and image.