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Othini plays with his little girl, throwing her into the air enjoying her laughter and delight. A year before Othini was bedridden and frail. HIV had affected his mental state; he was erratic, aggressive, unable to cope with taking his medication and was struggling to stay alive.

Today he is radiating health and tells us "When I knew I had HIV, I lost myself and I longed to die. If the Community Health Workers hadn’t talked to me and given me care and support , I would have died, but thanks to you I survived.”

Othini has been receiving support from Mildmay’s programme since it began and his battle with HIV has seen him struggle with ill health and stigma. Today he is healthy and proud and full of love for the family who almost lost him. "I am so happy that my child is also HIV-negative after the support you gave my wife during her pregnancy. Please continue your work, continue to educate and help people like me.”

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