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Margaret was referred from Bart's Hospital where she had been admitted after collapsing with a severe stroke and being diagnosed with HIV. Margaret was referred to Mildmay for day therapy and physiotherapy.

Margaret arrived at Mildmay wheelchair-dependent and in need of a full-time carer. She was unable to manage any day-to-day tasks such as washing, dressing, cooking, or any personal care. Margaret was assessed by Mildmay’s then Senior Physiotherapist, Mahendra Mali, and the hard work on her road to recovery began.

Slowly and steadily improvement began to show. Margaret’s hard work and determination paid off and today Margaret walks well with just a stick for support. All her basic functional activity such as the ability to dress and wash, eat her food and do her own shopping and cleaning has returned.

"I can even do my own cooking and shop for what I need. Before I came to Mildmay, I was weak.

Since I started working with Mahendra - and he makes me work very hard - I am now strong. I don't need any help from others. I can look after myself and it's a very good feeling! The best moment was being able to play with my new grandson."

It’s taken time but for Margaret, every hour of hard work was worth it. She has got back the precious gift of independence which at one time seemed so far from reach.

Image credit: Oscar Keys

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