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Liam was a secondary school teacher when he became acutely sick and was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with HIV.

He was referred to Mildmay’s Inpatient Unit and when he arrived he could not walk or move his neck. Any movement at all caused severe dizziness and he was completely bed-bound.

With support from the interdisciplinary team at Mildmay, Liam began to regain his health. Physiotherapy developed strength in his muscles and slowly he re-learnt how to walk, sit, stand and to use the stairs.

After just three months Liam was able to return home. He regularly attended Day Therapy to support his independence and recovery and no longer needs a crutch. He uses the gym where he walks at three miles per hour on the treadmill - an incredible achievement.

Liam also provides inspiration and wonderful support to other patients at the beginning of their journey to recovery.

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