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Nursing Sister, Mildmay Institute


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I have a book entitled Mildmay, The Story of the First Deaconess Institution, by
Harriette J Cooke, M.A. There is an inscription in the book: “With every loving Christmas wish, from M E C Dean, Xmas 92” (the handwriting is lovely, but of its time, so I may have misread the name).

It was very likely a gift to Catherine J C Longrigg in 1892, the year in which it was published, as her name is inscribed in the front and the handwriting appears to be by the writer of the above inscription.

Catherine Jane Cuming Longrigg was born in 1830, in London, possibly in Newington or Southwark and died in 1918. I don’t know when she married, but her first child was born in 1858 in Wirral, Cheshire.

One of Catherine's children was Catherine Maud Cuming Longrigg, born in 1868. I am uncertain whether either of the Catherines was a Mildmay nurse. I cannot find the name Cuming on your website, but the dedication seems strange if no connection exists. It could be that the older Catherine was a nurse there before her marriage. The younger Catherine and her sister Florence were keen church workers.

Is this book in your archive, and if not, would you like it? It, with others, was found in the attic of a house bought by a friend of mine. The books sent us on a voyage of discovery, particularly of a son of Catherine J C Longrigg, the author of one of the books, and eventually to a grave in the Isle of Man.

I have found a reference to Florence Catherine Longrigg in The Nursing Record and Hospital World, Nov 14th, 1896, on page 396.

There is also mention of a Miss Dean, which I think would be the inscription writer in the Mildmay book I wrote about. Florence's mother's maiden name I have recently found to be Dean, so there may be a connection to the Miss Dean mentioned in the Nursing Record and Hospital World. You can add Florence to your list of Mildmay nurses.

We were originally researching George Longrigg, Florence's brother, who was the author of another of the books we found.

George Longrigg's book was returned to The King's School, Chester, where he had been a pupil, and of which he had written a fictionalised story.

Incidentally, Florence, George and their sister Catherine are all buried in the same grave on the Isle of Man.

M. Jones

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Matron at Doncaster Infirmary and Dispensary 1896 - 1907


The Nursing Record & Hospital World
M. Jones

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