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Violet Smith

Violet Smith

"Violet's funeral was at the end of October 2022 and we directed people to Mildmay as the family’s charity of choice.

Violet was a long-standing (over 75 years) member of St. Jude’s and St. Paul’s church, which (as you know) has a long history with Mildmay through the Pennefather connection.

Before the merger of the churches in the 1950s, a group from St. Paul’s (including my parents) would take services some Sunday evenings in hospital wards in a building (now demolished) on Newington Green and I believe this was the Mildmay Mission hospital.

My mother has attended various events, including the service of thanksgiving held at St. Jude’s for Mildmay’s 150th anniversary."


Find out about the connection between Mildmay, St Jude and St Paul's Church and the Pennefathers, here.

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