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Personal fridges for patient rooms

Personal fridges for patient rooms

£300 for 5 units (£60 each)

All of our 26 patient rooms contain a small fridge for personal use. All of these fridges were purchased 12 years ago and some of them have reached the end of their useful life. Right now, we have to replace 5 fridges but like many types of appliances in a hospital with a vulnerable and sometimes challenging patient group, units need to be replaced from time-to-time as they succumb to wear and tear and occasional misuse.

About healing

Modern hospital indoor environments aim at fulfilling the psychological needs and preferences of the people who use them. Nowadays, physical and non-physical healing environments are perceived as potential contributors to recovery processes. Unlike curing, healing relates to aspects of health that are psychological and spiritual. To support this, our patients rooms, while maintaining the highest of clinical standards, are also as comfortable as we can make them.

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