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New hospital beds and electronic pressure relieving mattresses

New hospital beds and electronic pressure relieving mattresses

FUNDED - £14,000 for 4 sets

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mildmay has been admitting HIV patients, step-down homeless patients (including some from either group recovering from COVID-19) to ease the burden on acute NHS hospitals.

We periodically need to replace older beds and specialised, pressure-relieving mattresses, as older equipment wears out. Historically, Mildmay has hired mattresses and beds and has paid separately for regular infection control, deep cleaning and sterilisation.

Thanks to the discounts we have been able to negotiate with our suppliers, purchasing new hospital beds and specialist mattresses is now more economical than annual hire and maintenance costs.

We will continue to periodically replace older beds and pressure-relieving mattresses as these items wear out, so this is an ongoing expense for the charity.

In fact,  over the past two and a half years, we have replaced a total of ten beds - all thanks to your generous donations.

The Hospital Equipment Fund helps us to accumulate income for when we need to do so.