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Digital Skills Inclusion Suite

Digital Skills Inclusion Suite

£13,500 - FULLY FUNDED

Thanks to a generous donation from Wandsworth Oasis, Mildmay Hospital was able set up a new Digital skills Inclusion Suite.

Technology is an enormous part of the world we live in. For most of us it is an everyday part of our lives that we take for granted. With a few clicks we can link with friends and family, access information, order shopping, manage banking, plan travel, catch the news – the list is endless.

But for many of Mildmay’s clients this world has been closed down to them because of HIV-associated brain impairment.

The training we provide is extremely popular with our patients and the benefits are considerable, supporting memory function, attention span and problem solving. This also helps to support independence and builds confidence.

We have also started brain training work and assessment tools which is helping enormously with our patient’s rehabilitation and treatment.

We hope to further develop and expand this training which is proving so beneficial.

Case Study: Jamie

Jamie attended the computer workshops and brain training for about three months.

“The computer training at Mildmay has been a blessing, truly a blessing. I used to work with computers as part of my job, but I had forgotten everything. At first I couldn’t even remember how to turn it on! I also had general problems with my memory, my attention span and in solving problems. I started the training in the computer suite and I began the brain training programme.

Slowly, with lots of support and patience things began to come back. Now so much of the world which was shut off to me has opened up – shopping, banking, finding out information, it’s all there for me now, a link to independence.

I have grown in confidence and thanks to Mildmay, I have come so far”