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Mildmay is working to make this website accessible.

We are committed to making the information on this website accessible to as many visitors as possible.

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Accessibility tips to help you use this website

Zooming in/ Text Magnification

If you are having difficulties reading the text on this or any other website, your browser will have several built-in tools to help.

Most web browsers offer the functionality to zoom in and out of a web page, although how you do this can differ depending on your device.

  • On a Windows browser: You can zoom into a webpage by simultaneously pressing the CTRL and + keys.  To zoom out, press the CTRL and – keys.

  • On a macOS browser: If you are using Safari, then you will need to use the Command and + keys to zoom in, or the Command and – keys to zoom out.

  • Android or IOS: You should be able to use your touch screen by pinching the screen and moving your figures together or apart.

Zooming In
Zooming Out


CTRL and +

CTRL and -


Command and +

Command and -

Android or iOS

Pinch screen and move your fingers together

Pinch screen and move fingers apart

Navigating Without a Mouse

You can navigate this website without having to rely on a mouse. Here are the essential commands you can use:

  • To scroll line by line through the content on the page, you can use the UP and DOWN arrow keys.

  • To scroll greater amounts, you can use PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN keys. You can also use the HOME/END keys to scroll to the top or bottom of the page respectively.

  • To cycle through the menu contents of the website, you can press the TAB key. Once you have landed on the item you want to select, press ENTER

  • Using the keyboard you can also switch between the address bar and the content on the page by pressing F6.

High Contrast Mode

Both Windows and macOS offer a high contrast mode that inverts the colours to make content easier to read. To activate this, follow the instructions below:

  • On a Windows PC: You can enable or disable high contrast mode with the keyboard shortcut – Left Alt + Left Shift + Print Screen/PRTSCR

  • On a macOS: First select ‘’Apple’’, then go into ‘’System Preferences’’, followed by ‘’Accessibility’’. Then select the “Display” pane, at which point you will have the option to invert the screen colours.

More Accessibility Options

You can find more accessibility tools and options for Windows on Microsoft’s website here and you can find the same information for macOS on Apple’s website.

If you have any queries or issues relating to the accessibility of this website, please contact the Communications team by emailing info@mildmay.org or calling 020 7613 6300.

Feedback and contact information
Accessibility Considerations

If there is anything else we can do to make our website more accessible, please contact us to let us know.

If you think the content of any page on this website is out of date, or the information is wrong or not clear enough, please report it.

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