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Valerie R




19 November 2021 at 16:52:28

20 February 2024 at 16:25:42

"I did my training at Mildmay from 1954-57. I spent 3 years at Mildmay with the middle one at the Royal London, where life was very different. I said, 'even the bedpans were a different shape!'

Sister Muriel was Irish. She loved her patients and her one desire was to tell them about Jesus, with prayers in the morning and evening taken by the nurses.

I remember housemen Dr Sharpe and Dr Carver with their appropriate names!

Dr Sharpe married Audrey, a staff nurse. Sadly they were murdered with their young children in the Congo Crisis in the 1960s.

Just a few of my memories...

It has been a great blessing to many people down the years. I was a Friend* for many years."

June 2020

*The Friends of Mildmay was a separate charity and membership organisation that raised charitable funds to support the Hospital. It has gradually been wound up and absorbed into our own charity.

The 1892 Mildmay Mission Hospital

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