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Mageta Island Health Centre refurbishment

What we are doing

We are repairing and refurbishing the health clinic on Mageta Island to increase its use by the Island's inhabitants, leading to improved health of the population.

  • A facelift of the facility, including repainting, minor renovations like tiling of the maternity unit and the wards to improve on infection control

  • Minor renovations to partition the rooms for privacy since there is only one general ward that houses everyone that is admitted

  • Make the mother and child clinic baby-friendly with brighter colours and some murals, which would improve the overall service delivery

  • Improved support supervision

  • Regular Continuous Medical Education

  • Staff accommodation within the facility

  • Support for more health outreach activity

  • Mobilisation and sensitisation of the population to improve health-seeking behaviour

Why we need to do it

The health centre is poorly equipped, with even essential but basic medical equipment in short supply. The building itself is not in good condition, and isn't a welcoming place.

A large proportion of the island’s population avoids using it - except for the poorest residents, who don't have any choice.

Project progress

Thanks to your generous donations we have begun the refurbishment of the health centre, but we still need to raise £11,900 to complete the project.

The interior of the health centre has been repaired, renovated and repainted, with a new tiled floor laid, a great improvement on the old earthen floor.

Find out more about the health centre refurbishment here