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Alice’s HIV campaign – Changing hearts & minds.

“Stories need to be told, people need to be provided with the knowledge to enable them to feel and think differently about HIV/AIDs. I will spend what energy and time I have in helping with that.”

Alice Lawrence is on a mission! Her campaign, driven by personal experience, passion and unstoppable energy, is to raise HIV awareness, fight stigma and encourage people to get tested. Alice is also raising money for a variety of HIV charities as well as benefitting and supporting their work using her own experience and knowledge about HIV, to make a real difference. Mildmay are honoured and fortunate enough to be one of the charities Alice has chosen to support.

We wanted to gain a greater insight into Alice’s campaign, find out why it is so close to her heart and most importantly how you can find out more and add a spoonful of your own support !

You can follow Alice’s campaign and her adventures : https://www.facebook.com/AliceHIV/

Alice, why this campaign?