UK Hospital

Mildmay’s Uk hospital is located in East London. We are the only centre in Europe dedicated to rehabilitation for people with complex HIV related health conditions, including HIV associated brain impairment.
Around 103,700 people were living with HIV at the end of 2014.
Of these 17% are undiagnosed and remain at risk of of passing on HIV if they have sex without a condom. Late HIV diagnosis levels remain high in the UK. People with a late diagnosis are much more like to develop severe health conditions including HIV associated brain impairment, which presents with symptoms similar to severe dementia. Patients often arrive at Mildmay unable to walk or speak and are in need of 24-hour care. Mildmay provides a range of therapies and medical care combined with medication and rehabilitation, which means that over 80% of patients return to independent living on discharge from Mildmay. Patients from all over the country are referred to the hospital and for many their lives are transformed beyond belief.
Prince Harry’s visit to Mildmay at the end of 2015 marked the official opening of our brand new, purpose built hospital.

Mildmay’s Day Services help to keep people stable, maintaining their health and independence, building life skills and confidence. Our day services also support recovery of many of our Inpatients who are able to attend groups and therapies when they are well enough.
Day service activities include Music, art and garden therapy, day trips to support orientation, planning and travel, memory recall, computer skills and brain training, healthy living and physiotherapy.