Ways to Give

Supporting us through regular giving

You can set up a regular or a one off donation here: Donate to Mildmay

Regular giving allows us to plan ahead with confidence.  Your regular gift will ensure we are here for those who need us, and can continue to provide and develop our unique services and care into the future.

Where your money goes

The money so generously donated by our supporters is used to deliver quality care and treatment, prevention work, rehabilitation training, education and health strengthening in the UK and East Africa.

How your money is spent

 For every £1 donated, 85p goes directly to transform people’s lives.

What your money could buy

£10 a month could provide specialised cutlery to help a patient to eat independently

£15 a month could provide instruments for music therapy

£20 a month could provide a hand exercise wheel for patient rehabilitati

Answers to your questions:

Why do you need my help?
  • Mildmay provides palliative care, antiretroviral medication, rehabilitation and a holistic model of medical care for people with complex HIV associated health conditions, including HIV associated brain impairment.
  • Mildmay cares for children living with HIV in East Africa by providing specialist medical support where it is most needed and helps prevent the spread of HIV from mothers to their children, which currently affects half a million children each year.
  • Mildmay restores total independence to around 80% of our UK patients thanks to our unique programme of rehabilitation.
  • In East Africa Mildmay offers training and education at all levels-from senior government officials to prison wardens, community healthcare workers to drug rehabilitation teams.
  • Improves healthcare services in partnership with government, hospital, clinics and projects
  • But to continue this amazing and life transforming work, we really do need your help.
Why is a regular gift so important?

A regular donation to Mildmay allows us to plan for the future as we know that we will have a steady income stream that we can rely upon. By making a regular gift of £10 a month you will make a really big difference transforming the lives of people living with HIV.

How much should I give?

Any amount you are able to give helps our work enormously – even the smallest amount. A gift of just £10 a month – that’s only 30p a day – could make such a vital difference to the thousands of people Mildmay supports each day. The more that you can give, the more lives we can transform but it is not so much the amount of the gift that is important to us, but the regularity.

£10 a month could provide specialised cutlery to help a patient to eat independently

£15 a month could provide instruments for music therapy

£20 a month could provide a hand exercise wheel for patient rehabilitation

Where will my money go?

The money so generously donated by our supporters is used to deliver quality care and treatment, prevention work, rehabilitation, training & education and health strengthening in the UK and EastSaharan Africa.

For every £1 donated, 85p goes directly to transform people’s lives..

Gift in Your Will

What gifts in Wills mean for Mildmay

A gift in your Will means you can be there transforming lives of those living with HIV in the long term.

Making a will is important for you. If you don’t, it could mean a loved one doesn’t receive the part of your estate that you want them to, because the state will decide who gets what. It also makes financial sense – you can pass assets on to your spouse, civil partner and to charity tax free.

Legacies are very important to us. Did you know that income from legacies is one of the most important sources of funding for charities, and yet over two thirds of people in the UK die without even making a will?

Last year Mildmay received over £50,000 in legacies. Here are a few examples of how that money supported our work in 2014:

  • A legacy gift of £1100 enabled us to fund just over 50 client session at our Gardening Project. Getting out in the fresh air and tending and growing in a garden lifts the spirits, supports cognition, goal setting, and helps to build strength and promote wellbeing.
  • A legacy gift of £600 enabled us to buy a portable electric piano with weighted keys for our music therapy group. The benefits of music therapy are widely known and include: encouraging self-expression, combating depression, and improving speech and memory function. Using musical instruments helps to improve movement, special awareness and flexibility.
  • A legacy gift of £1500 helped Mildmay to train community health workers in Kenya. It costs approximately £49 per day to train a community health worker (CHW) in Kenya and each CHW covers up to 144 households. On average that equals 720 reached by one person. The support given to communities is enormous and is particularly important for those n hard to reach areas. The work covers support with antenatal care, cervical screening, HIV education and prevention, supports for children, orphans or vulnerable and high risk groups.

When considering Mildmay, decide on the type of legacy gift (see below) you want to leave

Pecuniary legacy: a specific amount of money, decided by you.

Residuary legacy: after gifts to family and friends, and other expenses, you can leave the remainder to be divided between your favourite charities. This is the most flexible – you don’t have to decide on an exact amount, and it keeps pace with inflation. Specific legacy: named items such as your house or antiques etc.

Reversionary legacy: a gift which is only paid after the death of someone else. If you have a spouse or partner, you may want to leave your entire estate to him or her, but you can specify that after their death, all or part of the remaining estate is paid to your favourite charities.

We would like to sincerely thank you if you have already written Mildmay into your Will. We would be very grateful if you could get in touch and let us know if you have or are considering leaving a lasting gift to Mildmay.

How to leave a gift to Mildmay

If you would like to leave a gift to Mildmay the correct information to include is;

Mildmay Mission Hospital

19 Tabernacle Gardens


E2 7DZ

Charity No:292058

If you would like any other assistance or information, please speak confidentially to our Director of Fundraising – Kerry Reeves-Kneip 0207 613 6321 

Life is precious –Please pass it on

Funeral collections

 Asking friends and family to donate to Mildmay is a lasting and meaningful way to remember your loved one.

If you would like to support us through a collection at a funeral or memorial service, many funeral directors will be able to arrange this for you and forward the donations to Mildmay.

Alternatively, if you would like to arrange the collection yourself, please contact us for an information pack, which contains envelopes for family and friends to make private donations. Call Kate Barnes on 0207 613 6311

When all of your gifts have been received, we will inform you of the total amount raised in memory of your loved one.

Life is precious and your loved one will help to pass it on.

Support Promise

Our supporter promise

A world in which everyone living with HIV can have life in all its fullness

  • Mildmay is a pioneering HIV charity delivering quality care and treatment, prevention work, rehabilitation training, education and health stregthning in the UK and sun-Saharan Africa. This would not be possible without the support of the public.


  • We appreciate and respect your support – we will not pressurise you and we will respect your decision to change or cease your donation.
  • We are respectful of your privacy and confidentiality. Any request to remain anonymous will be honoured.
  • We respect your preferences for communication.
  • We take care to use imagery and words in our communications which reflect deep privacy and respect for our patients, families, staff and supporters.

Honesty, openness, integrity

  • We are honest about our need for public support – we do not exaggerate.
  • We use donations for the purpose for which they were requested and will manage donations responsibly to ensure cost control and maximum benefit to our patients.
  • We always try to meet your needs as a supporter.
  • We provide regular updates on our fundraising income, how we spend the money and how your support has benefited our patients.

Commitment to high standards

  • Our staff are passionately committed to Mildmay, its aims, this supporter promise and the highest standards of professional conduct.
  • We adhere to the Institute of Fundraising codes of practice.
  • We fully comply with the law including the Data Protection Act 1998.


  • We are committed to being fully accountable to you.
  • We welcome all feedback and will ensure that any questions, concerns or complaints are dealt with considerately and quickly. Please contact us at fundraising@mildmay.org
  • Our annual report and impact report, including details of our trustee membership, are available online and in hard copy, on request.