Fundraise for Us

Nothing beats the feel good factor of making a positive difference to someone’s life.  By raising funds for Mildmay you’ll be doing exactly that.

Mildmay’s work transforms the lives of people Living with HIV in the UK and Africa. Our Vision is of a world in which everyone living with HIV can have life in all its fullness.

There are lots of ways you can fundraise to support our work. Fundraising can be lots of fun too, a way of joining with friends, family or work colleagues to make  a real difference. If you would like to talk to a member of our team about an event you are planning, or for more ideas or support email us at events at Mildmay

Fundraising Ideas

You can join in with an event organised by Mildmay, or why not create your own unique, fun event and encourage your friends and colleagues to join in too!

Charity Abseil: Take a leap of faith and raise some valuable funds.

Running a Marathon: Take up the challenge of reaching your personal goal and run a city marathon, half marathon or 10K.

Book your place, get training, gather sponsorship and aim for your personal best. You could also gather together a Mildmay team and train together towards the big day.

Treks: Each year Mildmay arranges a fabulous trek for those who prefer to walk not run! We take on a new trek and a new challenge each year.

Give up to Give Back: Every year for lent we give up something and give back the funds we save to Mildmay. It could be a daily coffee, chocolate or cake. We even tried giving up our mobiles for a day. You don’t have to wait for lent, Give up to Give back works at any time of year!

Santa Run: Time to dress up in white beard, red coat and hat and Ho Ho Ho your way along a 5K run whilst raising funds for Mildmay.

Sky Diving: Take up the ultimate challenge, fulfill a personal ambition and skydive for Mildmay.

World AIDS Day: Join us for this important day in Mildmay’s charity calendar- sell Red Ribbons at your work place or see our A – Z of fundraising ideas on the next page and hold a WAD fundraiser or event to raise awareness and funds.

 Click here to download Fundraising for MildmayFR Booklet

Other A-Z Fundraising ideas

A Auction – Auction off original items, works of art,designer dresses, or if you or a friend has a skill gardener,hairdresser, chef-you can auction that too!

B Barbeque – Dish out burgers, bangers and drinks for a donation.

C Copper Coins – Collect your coppers in a jar and ask your friends to donate their small change.

D Diet – Get your friends and colleagues to join you or donate £ for pound!

E Egg – and Spoon Race! Hold your own retro sports day, charge per team for entry, hold a raffle, and take donations for supplies of drinks and food.

F Fancy Dress Party or Ball – Pay to enter with a prizefor the best dressed or most inventive guest.

G Garden Opening – Share your garden with friends and neighbours. Charge a small entry fee or ask for donations. Sell delicious tea and cakes; guess the number of sweets in a jar or weight of a cake. Have stalls with plants, crafts or second hand books and have a fun day.

H Horse Racing – Take a bet for charity-have a sweepstake at work.

I International themed evening – have a buffet or dinner, an evening with a difference – get each friend to bring a dish from a different part of the world.

J Join in with an existing event – from a community event (eg stall at a local fete) fun run, boot sale, to supporting an event organised by Mildmay.

K Knitting – Sell your knit ware, booties, bags, hats and scarves or toys.

L Left Handed Day – Try doing everything with your left hand and get people to sponsor you!

M Mobile Phone recycling – Collect old mobile phones and send them to us at Mildmay, we can recycle them alongside toner cartridges and even jewellery

New Years Eve – is a great time to hold a charity evening-host a party, ball or dinner and raise some funds whilst welcoming in the New Year.

O Odd Jobs – Donate your skills and help out friends for a charity donation.

P Plants – if you’re got green fingers grow some plants and have a plant sale

Q Quiz night – Get you local pub to host the night and provide the prizes.

R Raffle – a great way of raising some funds, whether at an event or a one off at work, your community group or club. Ask local business to support you and provide some prizes

S Silence – get sponsored to be silent for a day – see if you can do it!

T Tea Party or coffee morning – Put the kettle on, dust down the crockery, bake some cakes and entertain your guests for tea – include a raffle and some sales as well.

U Unwanted Gifts – Get friends to donate items and have a raffle or boot sale or sell them on eBay.

V Volleyball – Challenge your friends and teachers to a volleyball match. Remember, you pay to play.

W Wine tasting evening – spend an evening tasting fine wines. Ask attendees to pay an entry fee, provide wine, cheese and French bread free of charge. Try and get the wine donated or buy it from France!

X Xmas card donation – instead of sending cards this year, just wish your friends, family and colleagues a good Christmas verbally and ask them to do the same. Donate the money you would have spent on cards to the Society.

Y yes day – say yes to everyone’s demands (within reason!) and ask people to sponsor you to do so.

Z Zany events – the list is endless…throw a custard pie at your manager, eat jelly with chopsticks, greatest number of marshmallows in a mouth.  People can get sponsored or pay to enter.

Tools and Advice

Some helpful tips and advice to get you started fundraising and making a huge difference to someone living with HIV

 Getting started:

• Be creative and give people something that is fun and original to do.

• Decide when is the best time is to hold your event and give yourself plenty of time to plan.

• If you have set yourself a big fundraising target, break it down into bite sized chunks and into a number of different fundraising activities.

• Check the calendar for any potential clashes of interest, for example a major football game, the Wimbledon final or a big local event.

• Location is important so be sure that the venue fits the event and is suitable, book nice and early.

• Keep your costs down – see if the venue offers charity rates.

• Check if there are any local business’s that may be interested in supporting or sponsoring your event. You may be able to get raffle prizes donated, or posters displayed.

• Ask your friends to help, they may have useful contacts and it’s so much more fun!

• Get in touch with us if you think we can help with advice or support.

Make sure you spread the word Promoting your event is so important and can help to make it a real success.

• Social networking sites such as facebook and twitter will help to get the word out.

Set up a professional fundraising page on Just Giving or VirginMoney. Make sure you put your donations link on any correspondence you send about your event to make it as easy as possible for people to support you

Promote your event locally through posters; leaflets leave them in local cafes, bars and shops.

• Is your event newsworthy in any way? Speak to our Communications team at Mildmay and we can help you with press releases and local news contacts. We can also let people know about your event on our own facebook page

Every penny you raise really does make a huge difference

Aim to raise at least three times as much as you spend. Try to keep expenses to a minimum; it’s easy for costs to creep up. Aim to get goods and services donated.

 GIFT AID is a great way to make each donation worth more – in fact 25% more! It’s very important to get people to fill out the correct GIFT AID declaration

Ask your employer if they can match fund the money you raise. Many companies do!

Publicity and Promotional Material

You can use Mildmay’s LOGO on your promotional literature but you will need to run your art work and wording past our communications team to check before printing. Mildmay can help you publicise your event by sending you a pre written press release that you can send out to local press and radio.

We can provide you with Mildmay branded:

Pin Badges.



Collection Tins

Collection Buckets.

Request for donation of prizes template letter to

authorise your request.

Recycling bags for mobile phones.

Mildmay pens

Keeping it safe and Legal

Public or large events:

If your events is in a public area involving 50 people or more, you will need to contact your local authority for all the necessary permissions. Don’t forget they are there to help and will offer you advice on what you can and cannot do. You will need to check if you require licences, and trading standards.

Think about health and safety -will your event obstruct traffic, will your guests require parking, is there disability access.

We are here to help, so do give us a call if we can offer any advice.

If you are holding an event at work you need to make sure it complies with the Health and safety at Work Act 1974.


If you are collecting on private property such as a pub or supermarket you must get written permission from the owner or manager. Keep the authorising letter with you whilst collecting.

To collect in a public place including street collections – you must gain permission and a license from your local authority.

Most councils will have details of how to apply on their web site. It can take up to two months after application for permission to come through so do plan ahead!

Mildmay can provide you with a letter of authority before you apply for permission to collect to prove you are collecting on our behalf. If you are asked whilst collecting state that you are a volunteer. Contact Mildmay at or on 0207 613 6311

Finally remember that anyone collecting money in public must be 16 years or over.

Staying safe If you carry money always consider your personal safety.

Use safe routes

Stick to well lit areas

Avoid walking alone

Raffles and lotteries

For simple raffles all you need to do is charge a standard price per ticket and draw the name of the winner before the evening is over. If you plan to run your lottery over a long period of time, or sell tickets at more than one venue you will need to purchase a lottery licence from your local council.

If you want to know more about organizing a raffle or lottery consult your local council or visit the Institute of Fundraising website.

Register your event & tell us about your event:0207 613 6311 

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